House Cooling Party


Release Date:
Saturday, 25 December 2021 (Christmas Day)

Chris Lane, Ed Ellis



In their sophomore release, this eclectic collective delivers a thought-provoking duo of tracks, ‘House Cooling Party’ and ‘Give Peace a Second Chance’. Notably rejected by Apple Music, the collection exudes an unapologetic originality.

‘House Cooling Party’ unfolds a narrative of festivities gone awry, where a seemingly innocent soirée turns into a snowman massacre. The storytelling prowess is both chilling and compelling, accentuated by its unique, offbeat perspective.

In contrast, ‘Give Peace a Second Chance’ invites us into a raucous feast filled with eccentric characters and wild antics. The song's energetic blend of genres mirrors the chaos of the imagined house party. The lyrics showcase a witty, thought-provoking narrative where peace emerges from the most unexpected sources.