Fossil Fools


Release Date:
Saturday, 22 April 2023 (Earth Day)

Chris Lane, Ed Ellis



This release crafts a poignant commentary on the state of our planet and the delicate chords of love.

'Fossil Fools' resonates with environmental urgency, its lyrics cutting through with biting satire aimed at politicians, oil executives, and the relentless cycle of profit-driven decisions that perpetuate the burning of fossil fuels.

Contrastingly, 'Don't Let it End on a Minor Chord' is a soulful ballad exploring the enduring strength of love. The raw power of the message is complemented by the unexpected use of robotic voices, a bold departure that evokes the spirit of innovation. The plea to avoid ending on a minor chord becomes a metaphor for resilience, echoing through the layers of a musical landscape that refuses to let its love song fade away. This release masterfully blends activism and romance, challenging conventions with a sonic journey that is anything but minor.